About Us

nationaltribune.in was established in 2020. In a short span of time, it became India’s most popular Hindi & English news portal and continues to maintain its reputation.

The objective of nationaltribune.in is to send news of India to the indigenous people of India. nationaltribune.in was launched with the goal of spreading the problems of the population to the government and spreading the news to the common man without discrimination.

nationaltribune.in not only updates the whole world with the news of India but also brings news of the country and the world to the readers of India. Many such burning issues are raised here, which are unable to find a place in print media or TV channels due to various restrictions.

nationaltribune.in is India’s largest platform for independent journalism. Journalists working in various newspapers / TV channels here send their important news for publication so that their issues and local problems can come to the notice of the whole country.

nationaltribune.in welcomes citizen journalism. Here the common citizens of India, employees, businessmen, consumers, students and all other sections have their problems. Government policies are reviewed here. All classes are welcome here.

nationaltribune.in sincerely welcomes all sides of any subject. We follow the religion of neutrality and also publish prominently the rebuttal, articles, or ideas received against the published news, articles, and ideas.

nationaltribune.in has no news policy of its own. Whatever is in the interest of Indians is acceptable for publication. It has its own limitations and no rules for writing news. People can present their way in whatever way they want to.

We support the policy of making full use of freedom of expression and provide a common platform to the whole of India under it so that all people can speak freely in one place.

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